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Armin x Fem!Sina! Reader
It had all started out as an innocent crush.  That’s all it was and all he had ever thought it would be.  You were beautiful - what with your h/c locks and your e/c eyes.  You were truly a gem from the treasure chest known as Wall Sina.  
Yes, Wall Sina.  That in itself made you out of his league.  You were f/n l/n, a cadet in the Survey Corps, a civilian of the confines of Wall Sina; and unbeknownst to you, you were the object of Armin Arlert’s affections.  Armin had fallen hard for you and remained infatuated with you since the day you two were trainees.  From then on, he had admired you from afar - never garnering up the gall to ever speak to you.  Honestly, it suited him just fine since you had never actually acknowledged him yourself.  
Until that day.
You were in the Mess Hall having your evening meal with your circle of fellow cadets when the cold sting of water collided with your head.  You had whipped around on
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For Him (Armin x Fem!Reader)
       It was exactly the way he had described it to you when the two of you were cadets in the Survey Corps.  The rolling blue of the ocean extended farther than the eye could see, and the salty breeze from the sea blew against the two of you as you and your boyfriend Armin Arlert walked hand in hand down the sandy beach.  Your legs were sopping wet and tiny bits of seashells were glued to the bottoms of your bare feet from the wet sand.  You smiled and looked at your boyfriend with your e/c eyes and wrapped your arm around his forearm.  Armin jumped slightly from your sudden affection but turned his head to smile at you.  
“Is it everything like I said it would be, y/n?”
   His words almost made you want to cry, and you fought back tears as you turned yourself towards him, brushing the stray locks of long blonde hair from his face and looking into his eyes - the eyes which would never see your face again.  You sa
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It runs in the family by MikaSoul1996 It runs in the family :iconmikasoul1996:MikaSoul1996 2 4
So there's a Sonic movie now.....
            With all the buzz about Sonic boom, I've been scouring the internet lately only to discover that a Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been confirmed to be in production under Sony pictures. The movie from what I've heard is a live-action/animation movie. Essentially Sonic will be animated (thank goodness) and Eggman will more than likely be live action (......). Now don't get me wrong, my inner Sonic fan squealed when I found this, but I have a feeling this film could be amazing or bomb. However, I will be open minded to the film and will continue to be a Sonic fan if the film does not do well.
             However, this is just my opinion, so I'd like to hear from you. Are you excited for the movie? Leave your replies in the comments.
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To all of you who have self-esteem issues
Dedicated to all those who deal with self-esteem issues. I pray for and my heart goes out to each and every one of you.:
You are beautiful. Yes, you are. I know what you are thinking. No you aren’t. Why do I know this? Because I’ve dealt with self-esteem issues. I know what it’s like to think “too fat,” “not pretty enough,”, “I wish this part of my body was smaller/bigger,” “I wish I looked like him/her,” “I wish he thought I was attractive.” I’ve been there, and believe me, it hurts.
Inadequacy and self-esteem issues are troubling problems that everyone deals with. You are not alone. God loves you. Even if that so called girl or boy that everyone supposedly “wants to date” tells you that no one loves you and that you aren’t pretty or handsome, I’ve got news for you. You are beautiful. No one is better looking or better in general that anyone else. Those people that try to tell y
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Moment in Time by MikaSoul1996 Moment in Time :iconmikasoul1996:MikaSoul1996 2 4 Moonlight Mist and Ice Storm by MikaSoul1996 Moonlight Mist and Ice Storm :iconmikasoul1996:MikaSoul1996 0 0 My ocs by MikaSoul1996 My ocs :iconmikasoul1996:MikaSoul1996 0 0 Thumbelina by MikaSoul1996 Thumbelina :iconmikasoul1996:MikaSoul1996 1 0 Rainbow Dash by MikaSoul1996 Rainbow Dash :iconmikasoul1996:MikaSoul1996 1 2


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Just saw God's not dead. God's not dead!!!! He's alive and real! 


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